This tool calculates how your portfolio would have fared throughout history while taking yearly withdrawals, taxes and fees into account.

It uses historical S&P 500 returns and inflation numbers from Robert Shiller, with data ranging from 1871 until the present.

The amount that you have invested into stocks.
The total amount to withdraw in the first year. This will be adjusted for inflation in consecutive years.
How many years the money should last.
The inflation adjusted amount that should be left over at the end of the duration.
Miscellaneous tax settings
Net retirement income (like AOW) per month. This will automatically be adjusted for inflation.
The year your retirement income starts to pay out.

Frequently asked questions

What is Dutch FIRE Calc?

Dutch FIRE Calc is basically an interface for the Trinity Study. It aims to answer the question "how long will my retirement savings last if the next few decades are anything like the past 150 years".

How to determine my withdrawal amount?

The withdrawal amount should be your normal living expenses, but excluding taxes (as they will be calculated separately).